Accelerating Senior Leadership Performance

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A Top Team Management Team Consulting Firm

A Top Team Management Team Consulting Firm
Kinnich Consulting

Kinnich Consulting is a management consulting firm for midsized organizations. We have been serving clients across the United States for over 30 years. We help organizations that want to take the next step in performance and growth by enhancing leadership capability, vision, execution, and results. We offer

  • Leadership Team Development
  • Organizational Effectiveness Consulting
  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Coaching

Top Team Leadership Preformance Drives Organizational Results

Strategic Position + Goal Achievement + Leadership Capability = Results 

Kinnich Consulting


We focus on midsized organizations wanting to take the next step in performance and enhance their growth. The capability of the leaders, their vision, and their appropriate execution will bring the desired results in accelerating the development of the organization.

Kinnich Consulting builds more effective organizations through strategic effectiveness, improved strategy execution, and developing enhanced leadership & team capabilities.



What We Offer

Enhancing Your Leadership Teams Ability To Create...

Organizations lacking a robust strategic planning process typically have customers that aren’t sure what differentiates them from their competitors. They internally have competing priorities across functional boundaries and spend too much time fighting crises instead of building sustainable capability. Learn more about strategic effectiveness.

Organizations lacking excellence in strategy execution typically have functional silos at odds with each other. They fall short of key goals and aren’t exactly sure why and attack problems and crises from finger-pointing, blaming perspective rather than a continuous systemic improvement. Learn more about organizational effectiveness.

Leadership styles drive performance. Leadership requires stepping out of one’s preferences and habits and stepping up into whatever the team or organization needs to succeed. Organizations lacking excellence in Leadership are typically relying on the capability of a few superstars instead of an organization-wide capability that is founded on values, culture, accountability, and performance. Learn more about leadership effectiveness.

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